October 2015 BCP Editing Division becomes Streamlined Editing Services

 As a production company, we have offered direction, cinematography, writing, lighting, special effects and editing from the beginning. While we are now focused on bringing feature content to market, which is a multi-stage marathon in the film industry, some times taking years, our consistent power house has been the editing department. Those clients over the year who've worked with us know the industry level of quality and focus on detail we provide to everyone. However, being a production company can also be somewhat ambiguous as not all production companies provide the same services. After consultation with others in the industry, we've decided to officially split off the post production department into Streamlined Editing Services which is focused on providing a clear example of what we offer. The brand new website was launched mid-October and has been instrumental in getting the attention of new clients. To our surprise, some clients which have known of us for quite some time, didn't realize our editing services could be of use to them, but now it's all too clear that they can bring their work to us for industry level quality service and an attention to detail that makes every project shine. Take a look at our new website www.streamlinedediting.com

New Year Annoucement for 2013

Philip John Galati has moved full force into the 3D realm with a focused effort on 3D Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) for Text, Objects and Figures. While this is an intensive process, taking a lot of time, computing power and overall multi-dimentional skill, this move is heading in a direction with concrete visuals. Yet to be annouced until later in 2013, a web series is in the works as the first produced by BCP. To see sample 3D Logos you can click here and for the 3D Motion Graphics Reel click here.

Do What You Love Launches Online January 2012 

The official film website is active, click here to visit.  Bring in the New Year with positive change in your life.

Nothing On Television TV

Philip John Galati was hired back in July 2011, by Princess Angelique Monét (owner of Greta Joanne Entertainment) as the Production and Project Manager of Nothing On Television TV (the TV division of GJE), available on DISH Network as a Video On Demand channel, and for those who don't have a DISH subscription, it can be viewed through DishOnline.com. Angelique Monét, Renaissaince Woman is listed on the channel, Directed by Philip John Galati.

Thumbtack.com listed

Thumbtack.com is a new way to search for qualified industry professionals all over the United States. Check out our listing at: Bluecast Productions Company Profile New York - Cinematographer


Film & Television Production

Film & Television Production

We are a full-service independent production company offering: 1. director of photography/videography 2. editing and special effects (in camera and digital) 3. gaffer (lighting)

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